How to add Stickers to your Digital Planner

October 22, 2018

 If you have any issues with the downloading process, I can email the files directly to you instead. If you would like for me to do that, contact me at Please include your order number. 

Downloading Files from Etsy

1. Open Safari on your iPad and log into your Etsy account. This will not work if you open the Etsy app, you must use Safari. 

2. Go to You > Purchases and Reviews. Look for your order from Ellagant Studios. 

3. To the right of your order, tap the button that says that says Download Files.

4. You will be brought to a page like the one below. This page includes  all of the files you purchased. 

Downloading Files from

1. When you purchase a planner from Ellagant Studios, you will receive an email with a link to download your files. Tap to go to the download page. 

2. You will be brought to a page like the one below. This includes all of your files. Some may be organized into folders. 

Saving Files to your Ipad

Save the Stickers to your Camera Roll

*If the planner you purchased includes a lot of stickers, it may come as a ZIP file. I highly recommend unzipping the files on your desktop computer first, then moving them to your ipad. Unfortunately there is no simple way to open a zip file on an ipad. If you have any trouble doing this, I am happy to email you the files already unzipped. Please just send me an email at (include order number). 

3. Tap to download your stickers. 

4. Once you have the file open in a browser window, tap the share icon.

5. Locate and tap the 'Save Image' button to save the image to your camera roll. 

Adding to Goodnotes

6. Tap the Image Icon in Goodnotes. (circled in red below.)

7. Locate your sticker or sticker sheet, and place it on the page. 

8. If you want to select just one sticker from a sheet, Tap the sticker and an option bar will appear. 

9. Select Crop

10. Select a sticker using the rectangular or freehand tool.

11. Then select Done. Your individual sticker will appear and can be edited. 

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